Ariesplex Cinemas Trivandrum (SL Cinemas) Starting on 12th June 2015

SL Cinemas Trivandrum is Converted As Ariesplex Cinemas Trivandrum

Ariesplex Cinemas Trivandrum

Ariesplex Cinemas Trivandrum

Old SL Cinemas Trivandrum is Converted as Ariesplex Cinemas ans its expected to launch on 12th June 2015. There will be 6 screens in this Multiplex and 3 Screens will Open This Week. This will be the Biggest Theater in South India Having great features and Screen Size. The Main Attraction of Ariesplex Cinemas is South India’s biggest silver screen and 4 K double projection. Old Athulya Theater is converted as India’s best DMax (Digital Maximum) theatre. They have spend 15 Crore for the renovation and its done by Aries Group.

AriesPlex SL Cinema

AriesPlex SL Cinema

Film director B Unnikrishan is the Managing Director of Aries Group. The screen size of Athulya is about 72 feet wide and 30 feet tall and will have two 4 K projectors. SL Cinemas Trivandrum is Now Renamed as AriesPlex SL Cinema. This will be the first multiplex at Trivandrum. Sound System is another highlight of AriesPlex SL Cinema. Athulya Screen will use 64 track Dolby Atmos sound system. AriesPlex SL Cinema will be give a new dimension to the cinema lovers. Reports says Jurassic World Will be the Opening film of This Theater.

Online Ticket Booking system at AriesPlex SL Cinema – Yes, Its Available Through

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5 Responses

  1. Anand says:

    We are waiting for the ultimate theater experience from Renovated SL Cinemas.

  2. but the charges are too high, please reduce the ticket charges otherwise no use for normal cinema lovers.

  3. DR Suresh says:

    Waiting eagerly for this inaugration…Trivandrum will rock the filmworld..I am of the opinion that charges must be kept at a premium level so as to keep a standard.

  4. Akhil says:

    How much is the ticket fares?

  5. Tickets charge is very high

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