Pavizham Cinemas Perumbavoor – (A Class) Ernakulam District

Perumbavoor Pavizham Cinemas – A Class Theater at Ernakulam District

Pavizham Cinemas Perumbavoor

Pavizham Cinemas Perumbavoor

Perumbavoor Pushpa Theater Is Rennovated as Pavizham Cinemas Perumbavoor. Now Its Owned By The Pavizham Gorup. Pavizham Cinemas Opened On 14th September 2013 at 10.45 A.M Perumbavoor. Pavizham Cinemas Inagurated By Fazil, Siqqiue and Lal.

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3 Responses

  1. santhosh says:

    start a multiplex at aluva town around bank junction. once there was a theatre ”Pankajam talkies” now all theaters are around aluva railway station

  2. Aneesh Perumbavoor says:

    Nicely renovated ,good one. Rates -Box 120/-,Balcony -90/-,First -70/-,Second -50/-
    AC was not cool enough during noon show ,LED decoration lights inside should have avoided ,altogether good

  3. Itti Thomman says:

    I remember when Pushpa Theatre was first inaugurated (by Prem Nazir) around 1974. We managed to get entry into the theatre for the function. They served coca cola to everyone who was seated inside. Anywway, Prem Nazir was running terribly late and we left before he arrived 🙁

    Over the years, I watched several movies there. Pushpa is twined with Perumbavoor’s history. For anyone who grew up in Perumbavoor, Pushpa will remain an icon of fond memories. For a while, I was afraid it will get converted to a shopping complex. I think the decline started when the management increased the balcony price to Rs.5 from Rs.3.50 and some people did a Kerala style strike and blockade forcing the management to revoke the price increase. That, combined with the general decline of the movie scene in Kerala made the management leave the theatre to rot.

    I am really glad it survived and is revived as a theatre. Pushpa is a big part of Perumbavoor. The name Pushpa should have stayed too, though I am ok with it.

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